Tomato Value Chain Project

Experiment of weather-based insurance for Tomato crops
January 6, 2021
Paddy Value Chain project in Asgaon, Bhandara District, Maharashtra
January 8, 2021

The Problem:

In tomato farming, due to huge agronomical interventions, there is influence of agri input shops for using local agri input products, lack of awareness about soil health, which in turn results in over usage of crop nutrition, and if more than 20% of the yield is C grade quality tomatoes, it minimizes the farmer’s income. There is also the unviability of stable market for each category i.e. A, B, C Grade quality tomatoes.

The Solution:

Scientific package of practices on tomato cultivation help avoid excess cost of cultivation, while. soil health cards for efficient use of crop nutrition as well as arrangement of stable markets for better market realization all come together to improve yield and earnings for the farmers.

The Results:

Village-wise soil health reports

Yield Improvement: 28-29 Mt to 37-38 Mt

Operational cost reduction due to mechanical sprayer: Rs. 11,000

Reduction in C Grade tomatoes: From 18-20% to 8-10% Market arrangement for C Grade Tomatoes