Paddy Value Chain project in Asgaon, Bhandara District, Maharashtra

Tomato Value Chain Project
January 7, 2021
FPO Educational Series Webinar
February 9, 2021

The Problem:

In certain rural areas of India, farm yield is low due to many reasons – poor soil conditions, unavailability of quality seeds, or just overall lack of knowledge and information on efficient farming. In addition, farmers are also unable to earn the right price for their produce, further reducing their overall earnings.

The Solution:

The objective of this project is to improve farm prosperity for paddy SMF through sustainable agriculture driving farm excellence and partaking in the value created from by-products. This involves working with a FPC which enables individual farmers to have access to the paddy by-products as well as provide direct linkage to the market thereby enhancing value from paddy cropping. The FPC also provides a vehicle through which finance linkages can be given as well as various technology connects to instil farming excellence across the value chain.

Through integrated information sharing and guidance all through the cropping cycle, paddy productivity is improved and rice quality is safe and nutritious for end consumption. In the future, the whole integrated model is expected to be rolled out to cover over 10,000 acres.

The Results:

Achievement in Rabi Season

Acres covered – 227 acres

Paddy variety in focus – RNR 15048

True to type stock under custody – 400 Mt of paddy

Better market realization to farmers – Rs 100 bonus

Achievement in Kharif Season

Acres covered – 1500 acres, working with 500 farmers

Paddy variety in focus – RNR 15048 & Superfine Jaiprakash

Own Branding and Marketing by VAAPCO

Village-wise Soil health report